Past Life Regression Therapy and the debate over its authenticity

Past Life Regression Therapy can help people resolve a few things that primarily are rooted much deeper than the body.

(I-Newswire) February 11, 2010 - One can appreciate that the logical and scientific mind wants proof but there are a few things that I feel are lacking in all the arguments happening over television and newspapers about Past Life Regression. This article is an attempt to genuinely establish a base for the logical mind to understand that Past Life Regression Therapy can help people resolve a few things that primarily are rooted much deeper than the body.

The first time when I read “Many Lives, Many Masters”, it sort of shook me. I was born in a religion where re-incarnation is accepted and believed in and yet I never took it so seriously until then. I had so many questions about it but the best thing I did at that moment is I gave myself permission to start with a belief and then explore it further. Dr. Brian Weiss accidentally discovered this therapy or atleast voiced in first about 30 years ago when he was treating one of his clients for over 18 months and she didn’t see any signs of improvement. Dr. Brian Weiss is the Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. During hypnotic treatment, he accidentally told her to go to the “source” of her problems and she went into a past life. Once that happened, in a series of sessions Catherine recalled 16 complete lifetimes of hers and with every lifetime she unveiled, her symptoms of depression, anxiety, fear, relationship issues, insomnia etc started going away. Dr. Brian Weiss was heading the Psychiatry dept then and it was very risky for his career to unveil this information and he took 5 years to decide before writing this book. Ever since he has regressed over 7000 people and is a widely published author. Some other amazing research is by Dr. Michael Newton, where he does something called “spiritual regression” where one can be regressed to when they are “between lives” and they are in soul form. If one reads through his book “Journey of Souls”, it’s another eye opener.

As far as proofs are concerned, there are a few things I would like to bring to the notice of all my readers and leave it to them to validate if they find any conviction. A Past Life Regression session is commonly done by taking the subject into a hypnotic trance and guiding them to unveil a past life. I have recently read claims of some stage hypnotists that people can fantasize and imagine things while in a trance but I have something to say here. Stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis is different. It is true that while in a trance people have the ability to imagine things and that ability is what a stage hypnotist will exploit to make a good stage show. Clinical hypnosis is different. Firstly, in clinical hypnosis, the trance level used for past life regression is as light as the trance one is in while they are watching an interesting movie. It light and the subject is always in control. Secondly, the objective of clinical hypnosis is not to misguide the subject or patient, but is to resolve their issues and hence a good therapist will never ask leading questions, never stress on people telling them their name, place, year etc., if not guided intuitively to do so.

Ian Stevenson has written a book called “Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation questions?” where there are case studies of over 2600 children from across the world, who recalled their past lives with most of them under the age of 5, which he has personally verified for all proofs. That is a good one since adults can be claimed of having fantasies but how does a child who just lerant how to talk, tell about names and places, addresses, families, relationships and searches for his hidden toys at the right places.

Brian Weiss mentions the case of a client of his where the woman flew from china for a PLR with him and she brought along a translator since she couldn’t understand or speak English. He hypnotized her using the translator and when she entered a past life, she started speaking fluent English. He remembers the translator turning back and translating it in Chinese to him when he said well, that is my language and I can understand it well.

While I was on my first day of practical training on Past Life Regression with Andy Tomlinson, who is also a famous author on Past Life Regression, we had an amazing experience where all our doubts were put to rest for starters. A guy whom I will call Jack, went through a past life experience where he was killed by slitting his throat. Andy went ahead and transformed his memory by healing that wound and releasing his emotions from that experience. He was quite deep and was experiencing shivering, pain and a lot of other emotions in the story and I was not sure someone could feel that much through a past life. The next morning, when he came for the class, he has a big red scar on his neck, exactly where the knife had slit his throat and that for the first sign for me to say “there is no harm in starting with a belief”. In my experience, the emotions evoked by a past life memory are more powerful than those evoked by a movie or novel? Some clients even experience PLR emotions as more powerful than any evoked by present life experience. These powerful feelings can be an indication that a past life memory is accurate. One client weeps prolifically over a broken relationship and later he describes the emotions evoked as far more powerful than anything he has ever experienced in present life. While hardly scientific, this evidence can be used as a measure of the validity of the memory. Many times some creative ability emerges from a past life memory for which the client can find no other easy explanation. Musical or artistic abilities, for example, can be brought forward from past lives that might be otherwise hard to explain. For example, one client with no artistic gifts or experience emerges from trance and starts to paint beautifully. I have recently come across one such client. Many times in our lives, the first time we meet people, we carry a familiarity that we don’t understand. Sometimes, we dislike people for no conscious reason and sometimes we meet them for the first time and have a knowing that they will be with us for life. It’s not a coincidence that this happens. We often carry the knowing of the energies of people whom we have shared past lives with, in our energy bodies and the moment they step into our lives, the subconscious mind sends us signals of the knowing, based on our relationship with them from the past. From my little knowledge and experience as a Past Life Regression Therapist, it’s an amazing therapy to resolve a lot of issues that we don’t have a conscious knowing of why they are there or we feel very strongly as if there is something more we don’t know about why a particular life situation occurs with us. If this article of mine, can help even one person’s life and they can look at past life regression therapy as a tool to help them, I would think it was worth the effort. For more information on Past Life Regression, please visit or write to me at