Hypnosis to Overcome Depression Before It Becomes Deadly!

February 26, 3:09 AM

Glendale Alternative Medicine Examiner

Doreen Cohanim

As announced here earlier, Andrew Koenig, the son of Star Trek TOS star Walter Koenig, was found dead Thursday of an apparent suicide.

Andrew Koenig's Body was found in Vancouver Park on Thursday February 25Th, 2010... Why? What happened? before I even talk about this painful subject, I want to share my condolence to the family's who their love ones are trapped in this sad feelings, Andrew Koeings was A Growing Pain Star, and he was fighting depression, and he took his life because coping with depression was a hard work.

Depression is not a joke and not everyone understands depression, not if you haven't been there. It is a very scary place to be at and it is very important not to ignore it, for some people it start with fighting anxiety and before you you know it the symptoms worsen and the person becomes clinically depressed.

Depression is a trigger from bad eventsthat occur to the person, they are usually very painful, it is an emotional pain and for some people even both, emotional and physical pain.

Depression Is an Illness and must be taken care of or it will be too late, and then the pain is even more to the families, especially if the depressed person commits suicide.

Please read this few times, and remember you are not alone and you don't have to think that it is the end of the world, it’s really not, help is around, and all you have to do is ask for help! If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, there is help. Please call The National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-SUICIDE.

Trust me suicide is not the solution and not everyone who's depressed wants to die, they may say it, but they don't mean it, so when you think of taking your life as a solution, pinch yourself, scream, cry out laud and call someone, there are so many help lines to help you, just google it, or call your family, you don't get along with your family, that's fine, talk to strangers, take a walk and tell yourself, I am not depressed, I am having a hard time, don't own your depression, with your psychologist you do what they advice you to do, but until then tell yourself, their is a higher power and angels and good people who are here in this universe to rescue me, believe it, and still ask for help.

Don't take your depression inward, taking it silently is not going to brighten your life, talking about it will.

Take your issues in hand, "Depression is not a joke" please take it seriously and talk to someone, and the good news is, with hypnosis and your psychologist you can fight depression in a very short time, why hypnosis and Psychologist? Because psychologist helps you to understand the problem, and if needed, your doctor will prescribe you antidepressant until your brain chemicals are in balance. And Hypnosis does the other part of the subconscious work; a good trained hypnotherapist will give you the right suggestions to heal from pain, anger, guilt, resentment and much more.

I can say that my clients all were able to survive depression in a short time combining their healing with their psychologist or psychologist.

Please remember not every hypnotherapist is trained or understands depression, therefore you must make sure that your well being comes first, and when you work with a professional hypnotherapist, a doctor referral is a must for all medical and mental conditions.

I Care, since depression needs much more then just self Hypnosis, It needs close attention from a trained hypnotherapist and a psychologist.