New book aims to arm readers against unwanted hypnotic influence

"Hypnotic States of Americans: A Spiritual Survival Manual for Every American Family in a Perilous World" by Roy Masters describes the problem and offers techniques for spiritual protectionGRANTS PASS, Ore. (MMD Newswire) June 20, 2011 -- The oft-repeated myth about hypnosis is that one cannot be hypnotized to think what is untrue or to act against one's own free will. But according to Roy Masters, author of "Hypnotic States of Americans" (ISBN 1460939026), that is simply false, and skilled manipulators have known it forever. Masters also believes that the manipulators have guarded this secret carefully, partly by repeating that such influence is impossible.


Based on the author's discoveries about hypnotic influence gathered over more than 60 years, this book seeks to show readers how to become less susceptible to past and present hypnotic influences and thus more able to live in true freedom, drawing energy from what is real and right to be fully alive in a healthy sense.

According to Masters, freedom from hypnotic influence, even from influences seeking to get you to do what is right or think what is true, is essential if one is ever to escape an unhealthy dependence on manipulators, caregivers, experts and leaders - even the well-meaning among them.

The author hopes that reading this book, watching the hypnosis demonstration video and practicing the recommended exercise will awaken a spiritual center from which the reader will be impervious to improper influence and able to influence the world for the better - as effortlessly as the most skilled martial artist can deal with an opponent.

The title initially chosen for the book was "The Hypnotic States of America." Masters chose to rename the book "Hypnotic States of Americans" in an effort to emphasize that vulnerability to improper influence lies within individuals, not a collective or group.

"Hypnotic States of Americans: A Spiritual Survival Manual for Every American Family in a Perilous World" is available for online at, as a Kindle eBook and other sales channels.

About the Author

Host for over 52 years of "Advice Line," the longest running advice program in talk-radio history, Roy Masters is also an author and hypnotherapist turned DEhypnotherapist. As a child in pre-WWII England, Masters saw a hypnotism performance and was inspired to perfect his own hypnosis techniques. He eventually established a hypnotherapy practice and discovered an original meditation method that he has taught ever since. Masters created the Foundation for Human Understanding in 1961 to serve as the institutional home for his counseling work, establishing a successful prison outreach and a private school. Masters and his wife, Ann, have been married since 1952. They have five grown children and 18 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


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