Dr. Oz Demonstrates Hypnosis for Weight Loss on the Doctor Oz Show Today

Today’s Dr Oz show is a re-run from February with guest Paul McKenna, who is a world authority on hypnosis for weight loss. Right off the bat he demonstrated several people that he had hypnotized back stage, who were now in the audience. He put them back into a trance and had them feeling good and laughing before he woke them back up. So now that we believe he can hypnotize people, we got to his main area of expertise: using hypnosis for weight loss.

Paul says that there are two main patterns of eating that lead to people be overweight. The first is emotional eating. Paul says that food is the world’s drug of choice now. Paul recommends that if you want to overcome eating due to frustration, use a tapping technique. First you tap on the back of your hand for a while, then under your eye, then your collarbone, then under your eye again. It makes the brain re-process the information and can dramatically lower your frustration or stress level.

The other pattern Paul identifies is obsessive dieting. Paul says that people think about food all day long, except for when they’re eating and then they shovel it in as fast as possible. Paul did an experiment on his volunteer, he blindfolded her while she ate a pizza and she ate about half as much as when she wasn’t blindfolded.

Then Paul showed us how to reprogram ourselves to eat slower and less. You take a knife and fork and imagine a plate of good food in front of you. Cut a bite and put it in your mouth. Put your knife and fork down and chew your food for a while. Imagine eating it slowly and savoring every bite. This will re-program your brain to eat slowly.

Next after the commercial break, Paul took the audience through a guided imagery exercise.

Step 1 is to close your eyes and relax your body

Step 2 is to imagine yourself eating slowly. Paul said to watch a movie of yourself doing this. Then you float into your more in-control self and allow your unconscious mind to find ways to accomplish this.

Step 3 is to imagine yourself thinner. Then float into that thinner self and really feel how good it feels to be thinner.

Step 4 is to imagine someone who loves you and approves of you, and float into them, and view yourself the way that person views you.

Then you can wake up. Dr. Oz sent home Paul’s book “I Can Make You Thin” and his hypnosis CD with the audience members.

5 Things to Lower Cholesterol

  1. Trim your belly fat.
  2. Exercise every day.
  3. Eat 5 – 7 fruits and vegetables a day
  4. Eat 1 cup of oatmeal a day
  5. Take 3 teaspoons of psyllium fiber every day, such as what is found in Metamucil. Start out slow with it so you don’t have problems.

Tart Cherry Juice, the Ultimate Antioxidant

Tart Cherry Juice has been getting a lot of hype lately for a lot of reasons. Dr. Oz investigated and here are the benefits he espouses:

  1. Pain Relief. Tart cherry juice really does help relieve painful joints. Dr. Oz says tart cherry juice turns off the enzyme that causes inflammation.
  2. Fight Heart Disease: Tart cherry juice helps regulate cholesterol levels of both the good and bad.
  3. Sleep Aid: tart cherry juice contains melatonin, which helps your brain get sleepy. Drink a glass with dinner

Healthiest Mall Food

  • A sandwich on wholegrain bread without a lot of dressing on it would be your healthier choice
  • For Chinese food options, Broccoli Beef is a good choice because nothing it in it is fried