Why Hypnotherapy ?

Not many of us would agree immediately if we’re asked to allow ourselves to be hypnotized. We fear giving that much control to someone else, often a total stranger. But if we are beset by problems that are beyond our control, hypnosis is often the best way to solve them. In general, hypnotherapy is beneficial because: It helps modify unacceptable behavior: If you’ve been trying to lose weight, trying to diet, trying to quit smoking, without much success, then perhaps you could give hypnotherapy a go. When your therapist puts you under a trance and talks you into doing what you want to do, you find that you have the will to do as you must. Hypnotherapy also helps remove certain forms of obsessive compulsive disorder and change other forms of behavior that you don’t like in yourself. You will need several sessions before you’re able to completely overcome your problem and modify your unacceptable behavior.

It brings out hidden problems: A good therapist could help you learn through hypnosis the underlying cause for your behavior, often a suppressed memory that is making you act abnormally. Your unconscious state makes you more relaxed and you tend to share aspects of your life that your brain has pushed to the subconscious and is too ashamed to even think of when you’re fully awake and in possession of your senses. When you realize that it is these suppressed emotions that are the cause for your problems, it becomes easier to deal with those issues that are troubling you.

It helps you recover from a trauma: Most traumas stun you into a depression because you don’t face the loss and instead push it to a corner of your mind because it is too painful. Hypnosis helps you recover from the trauma in a healthy way by facing your fears and loss and moving past them to a life of more quality.

It helps boost confidence: Some people turn to hypnosis to inject a dose of self-confidence into their lives. They feel better after their sessions and feel more empowered to take decisions and face the world without feeling unsure about themselves.

It helps manage psychosis: In extreme cases, patients with psychosis and delusions are taken to see a therapist in the hope that they will be cured of their condition. Treatment in such cases involves delving into the patients’ past and trying to find out why they behave the way they do when they’re in a trance.

It helps in childbirth: Some people find that hypnotherapy helps when they’re ready to give birth by preparing them to cope with the fear, pain and the trauma of labor. They’re also less likely to suffer from post-partum depression once their babies are born.

If you agree to hypnosis with a reputable therapist who has proven their expertise, you stand to gain personally and emotionally.


This article is contributed by Susan White, She invites your questions, comments at her email address: susan.white33@gmail.com.