Trance Is Different For Everyone

By: People Building, Mon Dec 3rd, 2007 Trance is different for everyone, and every person has reported a different experience of it to the next. The best way to explain how trance is helpful to create change in human behavior is if you think about the fact that you have a conscious and an unconscious mind. Your conscious mind is the part that does all of the moment to moment thinking, it's the logical mind, the mind where you might "chit chat" to yourself throughout the day, where you keep short term information.

For example, if I asked you to remember this sequence of numbers 47294754836261034 for the next half an hour, you'd be repeating it to yourself in the conscious part of your mind (unless you write it down or perform a kind of memory technique- for information of how to use memory techniques and remember information visually visit our website and click on one of the links that say "would you like to create more wealth and abundance in your life".) If however, you are someone who knows their own phone number off the top of your head (most people do), you'll know that this is a number that you do not need to constantly have to repeat yourself. That is because it is stored in your unconscious mind. So your unconscious mind is your long term memory, it tends to be linked more with feeling than thinking and is also where all of your behaviours and habits are stored (good ones and bad ones)- so all of the things you do without thinking about doing them are operated from this part of your mind. That is why in hypnosis, it is important for the hypnotherapist to use hypnosis scripts that are going to allow access to that part of the clients mind because this is usually where the changes will need to be made.

As a qualified hypnotherapist myself (General Hypnotherapy Register United kingdom Registered), I always tend to follow the same basic format when inducing a trance with the client I am working with. That is, I use an induction, a deepener and then the script for the problem we are looking to solve. I personally tend to spend about half an hour doing the induction and deepener and then another half an hour doing the script for the problem we are looking at. If at the end of that session, the client reports back saying that they have had an enjoyable experience of trance and found it easy to do, then the next time I meet with them, I will use the same induction and deepener. This is because I think that they will get used to hearing those particular words and then begin to relax. It works on the same principal as the NLP technique called anchoring- an internal feeling created by some kind of external stimuli. The way that the hypnosis induction and deepener script works is that the client will hear those words and go into the relaxed state.