CSI Las Vegas Hypno -Thief airing Oct 13th 2008

This will be the program that I consulted for at Universal Studios. It was based on a number of true life incidents. Hypno-thief robs Italian businesses DATELINE: ANCONDA, March 24th 2008

Italian authorities are searching for a thief who allededly uses HYPNOSIS on employees to steal cash, police said.

The most recent report of HYPNOSIS-thievery was in the Italian city Acona, where a bank teller was allegedly coaxed into giving a robber more than $1,000, The Daily Telegraph (Britain) reported Monday.

In all of the hypno-robberies, workers reportedly can only remember a man saying, "Look into my eyes, " prior to discovering their registers are missing cash.

Security footage from a robbery at a grocery store in Jesi, northern Italy, shows the thief is a suit-wearing Indian, Pakistani or North African man in his 40s

Police suspect the man has a female who assists him with the robberies by diverting customers' attention.

"The cashier recalls nothing of the incident itself. It was only at the end of the day when it was noticed that the takings didn't tally that the footage was screened and the robbery discovered," a Jesi police spokesman said