Police to study hypnosis techniques


Police officers will study hypnosis techniques to help them encourage suspects and witnesses to tell the truth.

Investigators from across Britain have been invited to a free taster workshop at the University of Chester next June.

It will be held by hypnosis specialist Tom Silver and aims to teach officers how to produce "the deepest and most receptive states of hypnosis".

Pc Mark Hughes, an investigative skills trainer with Cheshire Police who organised the session, said forensic hypnosis could be "another tool in the armoury".

He told Police Review: "Putting people in a receptive brainwave state makes it likelier that the truth will come out.

"Forensic hypnosis is a scientific approach, and special helmets monitor brain activity and those who lie have 'wide-awake brainwave patterns'."

Officers who want to take the methods further can sign up for a six-day course costing £1,370.

Mr Silver is better known as a celebrity hypnotherapist on US television, with appearances on programmes including the Montel Williams and Ricki Lake chat shows.

His website boasts his mission is to "bring brainwave understanding to everyone" and help people utilise the "science of the mind".

Pc Hughes added: "Forensic hypnosis does not prove guilt but it can give new lines of inquiry when traditional methods have failed.