Past Life Regression

Accessing the memories from your past lives is as easy as accessing memories of anything you may have experienced few days ago, or few years ago. What holds any memory in your mind and your energy field are your emotions. If you think of any experience in this life, you may notice that those that were emotionally intense, significant or unique in any way, will be much easier to recall, than ordinary everyday experiences.

While some people are merely curious about exploring their past lives, from the therapeutic perspective, the main purpose of recalling past experiences is to help the person resolve issues that are creating obstacles in living one's life fully in the present. From therapeutic perspective, it doesn't even matter if the past experience is considered "real" or "imaginary". And if you really think about it, what happened yesterday or a year ago in your life, is no longer "real" in your present, it exists only in your memory - however, that memory may still be exerting a great influence, empowering or disempowering upon your present life. The value of each experience is in lessons it provides. Once they are learned, there is no more need for such experience to repeat, but until the lesson has been learned, the experience will tend to repeat itself in different forms.

When we feel stuck in life, when we feel hurt and upset because it seems that we are beset by some meaningless suffering, it helps to go back to the originating event, to get insight into the chain of events that lead to the problem and the lessons we weren't ready to learn then, and to use this opportunity we have now to finish the unfinished business.

Sometimes we may discover that the problem we are experiencing is not really ours, that the urges we may be experiencing, the challenges or even the apparent past life memories belong to someone else, to another consciousness or energy that has at some vulnerable time in our lives attached itself to us, intentionally or unintentionally. The scope of these foreign influences may be wide, varied and sometimes border on incredible, but on a simple level it may express even as hearing the voice of our parents and finding ourselves thinking or acting in a way that our parents would act. These foreign intrusions may be temporary and we may just find ourselves wondering how come we did something or have an urge to do something that doesn't feel at all like what we would normally do, or as if something strange came over us and caused us to do something that doesn't fit our character.

We are constantly influenced to a lesser or greater degree by others, and one way of clearing these foreign influences may be simply to affirm that anything that doesn't truly belong to you and is not part of your being leaves your mind, body and energy field, that it be either released into the Light, or that such influences return to sender. It is important to know that whenever we feel vulnerable, whenever we feel that something is missing in our lives, we are opening ourselves to foreign influences, and after we clear any extraneous influences, it helps to repeat the statement that we are now "whole and complete" and using the imagery of the Light to fill in any "holes" in our minds, hearts, bodies or lives.

Within the Light is the fulfillment of all desires and by consciously holding onto the image of Light, whatever may be missing in your life will tend to manifest itself spontaneously. If you have not had an experience of Life, or rather if you don't recall it, this fact may seem perhaps incredulous at first, but the memory of Light does exist within you, because it is what you are created of, and you do have the ability to recall it, if you so desire. Once you do experience the Light, you will KNOW the truth about you. It will not be an intellectual knowingness, but rather knowingness that will emerge from deep within you and it will feel more REAL than any other experience you may have ever had in your outer world. The initial imagery of the Light merely serves to stimulate and to trigger this knowingness from within you.

Sometimes when people trace the origin of their current problem, they may have a surprising experience of finding the cause in some "future" life, not in the "past" life. We are accustomed to look upon time and cause and effect sequence as running from the past toward the future, yet from the spiritual perspective all time is simultaneous, and the experiences of past and future lives may even be more appropriately looked upon as parallel lives. This may be easier to understand by simply being aware that in your mind you can be anywhere and anywhen - you merely need to direct your thoughts to a particular point in time and you are there. And if you have any metaphysical background, you may remember that the universe is mind-like in nature. The purpose of all of different past, future, parallel and possible lifetimes, simply being to realize your true nature, Oneness with all Life, by providing you with different learning experiences and different opportunities for learning what you need to learn. In a way it's like choosing a subject to learn and having many different books and tools at your disposal to learn and once you've learned what you needed to learn, no other tools or experiences are necessary any more, so some of these possible lifetimes become eliminated because they are not needed any more.


A Simple Method for Remembering Your Past Lives

A simple method of accessing your past lives is by intensifying the emotion that is at the core of the problem you are facing. You may begin by noticing where do you feel that emotion in your body. You may remember that your subconscious mind is not in your head, but expresses through every cell and atom of your body, and it's more appropriate to look upon it as an energy field that expresses through your body. Within it is contained the record of all of your experiences. The obstacle may experience as a tension, tightness, even pain or some illness in your body. You may also remember that your subconscious mind is the realm of emotions.

As an example, if you find yourself having difficulty breathing or experiencing anxiety in some particular situation, then you recall that situation. The next step is asking yourself if that emotion or sensation could speak now, what would it say, and just allow whatever wants to emerge from you to come out. It may be "I can't breathe" or "I'm terrified" or whatever.

Then you keep on repeating this phrase, until some images emerge with the memory of some experience when you felt that way before.

You can then trace this back to a time when you felt this way before, allowing your subconscious mind to bring out any memories attached to these feelings. And then go even further back, until you come to the original experience.

Deep Trance Now Past Life Regression Hypnosis Program is a basic past-life regression program intended to guide you through exploring the past life you need or desire to explore. It is not intended to guide you through working on any traumatic issues, but rather to introduce you to your past lives and guide you through gentle exploration.

Past Life Regression Deep Trance Now Hypnosis Programs