New laser therapy helps radio deejay

Vernon radio personality Brian Martin tried to quit cold turkey. He bought Zyban, patches and other medications, but the craving for a cigarette remained.

Martin tried new laser therapy in early January and hasn’t lit up since.

“I’m very, very happy with the outcome of the laser treatment,” said Martin, a 39-year-old father of two. “It was a 40-minute treatment, totally painless and my nicotine withdrawal was reduced if not totally eliminated.

“I was sceptical but it’s really been amazing. I haven’t smoked since nor have I had a physical craving since. The vitamins and hypnosis techniques that they teach you also help after the physical addiction passes. I’m smoke free.”

Martin, who started smoking in high school, said he has more energy and hopes to add more years to his life.

“I was thinking about my kids when I tried the treatment. I quit cold turkey the same time last year and it only lasted a week. There is definitely a huge difference from quitting cold turkey.”

Martin said a sales rep at SUN-FM suggested he try the new treatment in Kelowna.

“It’s easy and painless, said HealthPoint Laser Clinic owner Scott Fader, a former Vernon business owner who holds a degree in kinesiology. “Ninety percent of smokers quit permanently after the treatment. They never want a cigarette again.”

Other clinics using this laser therapy have been operating in Ontario for more than 20 years with outstanding results.

“Our approach is based on more than two decades of clinical experience, resulting in one of the highest success rates of all stop-smoking programs,” said Fader.

It is holistic, painless, and doesn’t involve replacing one drug with another.

“Laser is one of the most modern forms of therapy and is becoming the first line of attack in controlling smoking addictions as well as weight, stress and pain.

“The key to success in treating nicotine and other addictions is combining laser therapy with behaviour modification and detoxification.”

HealthPoint Laser Clinic also deals with food cravings, and freedom from pain and stress.

“The results for the pain treatments have been miraculous,” said Fader. “I have been in this industry for a lot of years and have never seen results like this. I think you will see laser therapy play a large role in the future of pain and healing.”