I can make you Thin' book author and hypnotist Paul McKenna interviewed on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

(Best Syndication News) - On today’s ‘The Dr. Oz Show,’ Hypnotist and self-help author, Paul McKenna, was interviewed on the TV show. McKenna is from the UK and he has a PhD in human behavior. He wrote a popular book titled, “I Can Make You Thin.” In 2008, he had a five-episode series air on cable networks similarly named, ‘I Can Make You Thin with Paul McKenna.’

McKenna told ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ that he was a geeky kid in school and his teachers did not think he would be successful in life. His first job was working as a radio station host, that was when he interviewed a hypnotist who offered to hypnotize him. McKenna said that he felt much better after hes was hypnotized and knew then that he wanted to learn hypnosis so that he could help other people. He uses his hypnotism skills to help people overcome things such as smoking or weight loss. He admitted that he is rich, but he is also a man on a mission to help people. McKenna thinks that the brain can be reprogrammed to help people eat less food and to feel good about themselves.

He continued to explain that hypnosis is a procedure that allows direct communication with the subconscious mind. The things we do automatically everyday without thinking is controlled by our subconscious. He said our brain is like a computer and we can reprogram it in order to help us overcome obstacles. He uses hypnosis to help people make changes in their lives.

McKenna continued to explain that during hypnosis you are in an altered state of consciousness. He then was able to put some of the studio audience into a trance, and did so very quickly. He said that a person under hypnosis is having something more like a daydream instead of sleeping. He put three different audience members into a trance quickly. Then he had them imagine they were on a beach and then made them laugh. He said that he was able to put them into a trance quickly because he worked with them prior to the taping of the TV show and had them relax several times. That way they were able to enter into a trance quickly during the show.

McKenna said there are two habits that keep us fat. One is emotional eating and the second is eating too fast. By changing these behaviors people can lose weight because they can eat less food.


On the TV show, one woman admitted that she eats all the time and celebrates with food. She told McKenna that frustration drives her to eat the most. He demonstrated at technique using Acupuncture meridian points. First, he tells her to imagine the feeling of frustration and then to tap the back of her hand continually while counting to five. Continuing tapping on the back of the hand while you now hum a tune. Then tap under the eye, then on the collar bone on the chest, then back to the hand all while humming. This behavior changes the habit of eating from the emotion, because the brain de-links the thought from the feeling he explains. If the feeling and urge to eat returns he said to go back and do the process again several times until the feeling disappears. He said that this technique is not hypnosis.

Another woman is always dieting and is constantly thinking about what she is going to eat. She cannot seem to stick with the diet and by Wednesday, she falls off the diet wagon. She wants to get off the dieting merry go round. She is frustrated and has feelings of anger and guilt when she fails with her diet. McKenna said that people think about food on a diet all the time except when they eat the food itself.

He explains that a research study had people blindfolded and this slowed down how much they ate. The TV show had her try the blindfold trick and she ate half as much pizza when her eyes were blindfolded. McKenna asked her if she felt she was satisfied with half as much pizza. She said that she was not missing anything at all. Slowing down how fast you eat makes a big difference he adds.

McKenna demonstrated to the audience with a fork and spoon in hand how to retrain muscles to slow down during the eating process. He is OK with eating everything, but just do so with thought and slow down. He had everyone in the audience pretend to chew the food slowly. McKenna said to turn off the TV and other distractions when you eat your food. Eat as if you want to savor each bite of food.

In the audience was a woman who lost weight used McKenna’s hypnosis weight-loss program. She was a size 26 and now she has lost a good amount of weight. She said she listens to the hypnosis CDs every day.

To finish his visit on ‘The Dr. Oz Show,’ McKenna hypnotized the audience and the viewers to help them visualize a slimmer figure and being successful with losing weight.

By: N Wilson