Hypnosis and Sex

by Brandon M in Spirituality, January 18, 2009

Find out how to open yourself up sexually, experience orgasm more fully, and attract people towards you. Become vibrant, alive and sexual with the power of your sub-conscious mind.

Since you are here, you probably already know about hypnosis You know that it’s not some mystical state where the hypnotist has control over your will. You also probably know that when you are under hypnosis, you find yourself in a deep state of relaxation, and find that you are always aware of your surroundings. But how can hypnosis help your sex life? By using certain techniques with self-hypnosis, you can turn yourself into a vibrant love machine, and attract and initiate amazing, romantic adventures.

Hypnosis and Orgasm

It has been shown that under hypnosis, a man or woman can have a complete orgasm, without and physicalcontact whatsoever! If the mind, the great super-computer, is able to stimulate such pleasure without anyone helping the process along, imagine what hypnosis might do to help you have better orgasms with your partner!

One thing that you can do is put yourself under trance. You do this by relaxing all the muscles in your body, count backwards or imagine yourself descending (tunnel, stairway, floating down on a cloud, etc.). This will help deepen the hypnotic, relaxed state. Once you are fully relaxed, you are able to bypass the critical mind and then send messages to the subconscious mind, which are accepted with no hesitation.

After you are under trance, imagine you and your partner having the most amazing, colorful, vibrant, powerful sex you have ever had. Both of you together, creating heat and energy, wrapping each other in the amazing life force and intimate pleasure. Feel your skin touching your partner’s skin, and put yourself in that visualization. Incorporate all your senses. Then imagine yourself having orgasm, and you react with the utmost excitement and pleasure that it absolutely floors you. Imagine it lasting as lone as you want it to, and perhaps imagining colors or lights going of on your brain. As the orgasm intensifies, imagine those colors and lights getting brighter, bigger, fuller. Keep imagining, then let go.

Once you and your partner (in real life) are having sex, whenever you are ready to orgasm, imagine those colors and light in your mind. Imagine them getting bigger, brighter, fuller. Let yourself go, imagining those colors and lights becoming brighter, fuller, bigger! Intensify this imagination! You won’t be disappointed in the few minutes you spent reprogramming your brain.

Become a Super-Sexy, Attractive You

There are many times when a person is not attracted to another because of their looks, but because of the energy they present. The person who supplies the world with electrifying, powerful, happy, sexy energy will attract more people than the person who has no energy to give. By reprogramming your mind, every day you can begin bringing more energy to your body and your life, thus attracting more people.

Did you know that the electromagnetic waves emitted from the heart are up to sixty times more than the brain? By creating an atmosphere of loving thoughts, images and feelings in your brain, this translates to your heart, enlightening your energy, giving a boost to the electricity you are emitting to potential lovers.

Go under trance and imagine loving thoughts and images. Feel how you feel when you see those images of love and peace and contentment. Incorporate all your sense in this visualization. Imagine yourself touching your future lover, kissing, taste, sense of smell, hearing your lover’s voice, looking into the eyes of your lover, feeling pure power and pulses of love.

Now while under this loving state of trance, instruct your brain and heart to send out waves of love to anyone and everyone around you. Let your mind and your heart attract friends and lovers to you easily, quickly. Imagine this happening. By imagining, instructing, feeling, and incorporating all your senses under hypnosis, your brain and body will do everything it can to support that visualization, and eventually bring your wishes into fruition.

You can bring love into your life. You can super charge your sex life. Are you ready to embrace your new, sexy, hypnotic life? Get ready.