Experiences With Past Life Regression

Author: TheBrain December 27, 2009 While there is no denying that a vast number of people are curious with regards to having had a past life, the number of people who are interested purely for the sake of being able to improve their current life, is dramatically less. Of course, some people still continue to question the possibility of having had past lives even though it is so widely accepted by almost all religions.

Really, it�s a shame that the majority of those displaying an interest in their previous lives are simply just curious and nothing more. If only they could realize just how powerful PLR can be in helping them shape this life for the better.

Scientists of today are beginning to see that there are benefits to PLR therapy. Studies have shown that people can make big changes in their life for the better once they have dealt with horrible things that happened to them in a past life.

To learn about your past lives you will need to go to a hypnosis that specializes in Past Life Regression. You can also do it with self-hypnosis. There are other things that are useful as well. For example, regular affirmation sessions ensure it is acceptable to your subconscious mind to remember the events of your past lives.

There are some things you need to understand before you decide to use Past Life Regression.

The life you�re living now is connected to your past life or lives and memories from those past lives still dwell within your subconscious. You only require a little help in order to recall them.

Your knowledge of a past life experience will not help you much. You must take that information and use it in a practical manner in order to have positive results in this life.

Just as one can learn from mistakes you make in this life, so you can also learn from mistakes made in a past life.

For those who do not believe in reincarnation Past Life Regression can still help them have a better life. Even if they believe their memories of the past are only imaginary, they can still apply it to better their lives and avoid mistakes in what they do day by day. It is a great tool for people who wish to change their lives and have greater success.

There are a couple of good reasons for using Past Life Regression whether you believe in it or not. The following is the two main reasons to do this according to experts:

*Taking something you learned from a session and making a change in your present life points to the idea that it was a real past life event.

*Furthermore, it is believed that even if you refuse to accept memories resulting from PLR to indeed be from a past life experience, the very process will quite often free you from other mental burdens.

Exactly what are all the benefits to a past life regression session?

*PLR actively assists in healing emotional and mental wounds from the past which continue plaguing us even in our current life.

*It promotes a clearer understanding of our current situation and allows us to remain focused in our daily lives.

*Remember your mistakes and then learn from them. We often learn from the mistakes we have made in this life but by then it is too late. If you were exceptionally cruel in a past life, you can change that in this life.

*Somewhere, locked inside one�s subconscious, there are gifts or special talents which you learnt in a past life and in all probability, you may very well be able to use these in this life and if so, then PLR will make this possible.

*When you understand the life, you lived before it will shed some light on your current state of being. Why you are, the way you are is a question many of us face and never find the answer to.

Whether one believes in Past Life Regression or not, the fact remains that you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Let�s face it, anything which promises to improve the quality of one�s life, is certainly worth trying.