Pain management through self hypnosis


Pain management through self hypnosis

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Go to Clinical Hypnotherapy on my webpage for a free podcast on the alarming prevalence of chronic pain.

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Please note that mobile devices and tablets are typically not designed to download files. Instead, it'd be best to download files on a desktop or laptop computer. (By request I can personally send you the same file for a mobile device )

Make sure browsers set to open the file in a NEW TAB, rather than to automatically download.

The audio is divided into two parts -

1.  The induction: Hypnotic inductionis the process undertaken by a hypnotistto establish the state or conditions required for hypnosis to occur. I have successfully used the induction you are going to hear on over 100,000 people. IT WORKS!

At the end of the induction, there will be about a 40 second break in my voice before I move into the therapeutic suggestion of Pain Management. The volume is slightly higher for this part of the audio. It is subtle!

2.  Therapeutic Suggestion

Remember, any form of therapy best works with continuity and a belief system that you can make changes. Rather than setting up a time frame, allow yourself to be surprised by how quickly change occurs, due to your genuine desire for change.


With any download you purchase, I will send you my hypnosis manual for free. (Regular price $25.00). I advise you listen to the download you have purchased with headphones or in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. Note: there will be breaks in my talking; and the more you use the audio, the clearer you will become with the cadenceof my voice.

Every person experiences hypnosis differently; every session can result in greater clarity. Do not OVER THINK. Kick back and allow the process to work for you, instead of the other way around. Once you start to intellectualisewhat I am saying, you move away from letting go. Just allow my voice to guide you along; you really have nothing else to do.

Some people quickly fall asleep during the induction, that is also OK. Your subconscious mind will hear everything. There is an elegance in the simplicity of hypnosis. Do not complicate it!