University of California San Diego

University of California San Diego


One Day Intensive Stage Hypnosis class 

June 15th San Diego (USA) & July 6th London (UK)

Barry Jones with guest speaker Bill Anapoell MD (US Class)

Over 100,000 successfully hypnotised and over 6000 performances 

This will be a fun, fast and comprehensive overview of stage hypnosis. Performing inductions is simple, in fact, Barry can cover every variation in 10 minutes or less. Evangelical, Instant or traditional progressive inductions? There is nothing complex or magical about them. There is no right or wrong! Use what works for you, AND realistically, what keeps on getting you hired back.


The American Psychological Association (HDC hypnosis definition committee 2015) seems to be no further forward with their understanding of what hypnosis really is. Whatever you learn and from whom, is always going to be open to debate until enough money is invested into peer-reviewed research. The academics postulate their theories and there are many! In the same way, the stage hypnosis community does the same.

Barry feels very fortunate to have Bill Anapoell MD as a guest speaker. An Internist at Scripps Mercy Hospital, Hillcrest, San Diego, Bill is passionate about hypnosis and its application in medicine as well as being a wonderful entertainer.


Being in front of an audience came naturally for Barry Jones. Twelve years of teaching at California universities sharpened public speaking skills and stage presence. Barry reveals comedy timing as his pièce de résistance. Like any good athlete or musician that makes a performance seem effortless, there are countless learning experiences a stage performer goes through to achieve a refined level of expertise.

In the One Day Intensive Stage Hypnosis class, Barry shares and elucidates how his learning opportunities refined his performance success. In this age of succinct information, the Intensive class provides you the basic skills to put on your own show. Many people like the thought of performing a show and probably have the skills to pull it off, but for ‘some reason’ it just does not happen. This course works on effectively addressing those mental blocks.

Additional Information to be covered

  1. How to acquire contacts for the Fair Industry & Grad Night market

  2. Key note presentations

  3. Working with pain management ( With special guest Dr Bill Anapoell )

  4. Creating simple Weight Loss/Smoking Cessation seminars

  5. Working with athlets/athletic teams “Barry is a magician with the human mind” Marianne Berglund PhD Former World Champion 10 times National Champion, and two-times Olympic cyclist.

Working with England Rugby 7s World Cup Team

Working with England Rugby 7s World Cup Team


The Intensive Stage Hypnosis class gives you the tools; showing you how to use them effectively and efficiently. You just apply them.

Please do not hesitate to review Barry’s webpage at

 Bill Anapoell MD

For those taking the course, you are welcome to see any of Barry Jones’ performances (16) in May/June 2019. All students will have continued access to Barry via phone, email or Skype.

Course materials will be supplied as an adjunct to material covered.

Cost is $500.00 and UK £400.00

Location: San Diego, California & London

CONTACT me at for more information and a good time to call if you need to talk in person.