The only British Comedy Hypnotist to perform as a Headliner on the Las Vegas Strip. Disneyland California 2013-2018

Over 100,000 people successfully hypnotised and over 6000 performances

“it was a pleasure to have you come along and do the show for us. The lads all had a brilliant night” Mark Blighty Royal Navy Commandos, Exmouth. October 2018


“The show was absolutely fantastic! All students thought it was amazing and very entertaining”. Mark Doyle, Entertainments Officer ITB Students Union——- September 2018

 Excerpts from June 2018 California tour


Thanks Barry! Your show was incredible! —— cannot thank you enough! Heather McDonald, ESPN Zone Disneyland June 2018

“ The show was a huge hit with every student; and its attraction caused cues to form out the door——-His comedic twists throughout the show had the audience in a constant state of laughter. I have no doubt that I will have Barry back again in Carlow this year”     Aoife Duff VP Activities and Entertainment IT Carlow


USA Consultant ( ATLANTA ) "You're Back In The Room Reality Show" Fox TV Auditions February 2017

Barry Jones was born in England and obtained his teaching credentials at Newcastle University. He completed his graduate work in the United States and has taught and coached at universities and colleges in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. As a competitor in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, Barry became aware of the “altered state of mind” that it took to participate in such events.

Subsequently, in a 21-hour biathlon from Death Valley to the peak of Mt Whitney, he experienced a 4 hour loss of time. Fascinated by the trance state, he turned his studies to hypnosis. Barry received his advanced clinical education through the University of California San Diego (The course curriculum is set forth through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and offered to physicians and health professionals as an adjunct to traditional medicine). Barry is presently working on a documentary Chronic Pain: Treatments and Its  Controversies

 Equally at home in the University and College environment, he has performed his comedy hypnosis show for venues throughout the US as well as OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE in England; and in his 2002 tour of NEW ZEALAND where he performed at student orientations at MASSEY, CANTERBURY, VICTORIA and OTAGO University.

Ongoing filming in process

UK and San Diego



New Zealand





barry jones sleepy time.jpg
Our stage manager said you were an absolute professional and the best hypnotist he had ever seen. The Fairpark Executive Director told me your show was the best one by far at the GRANDSTAND this year-and that stage hosted acts such as NICKLEBACK, O-TOWN, JOAN JETT, and BILLY RAY CYRUS
— Judy Duncombe-Utah State Fair Director of State Fair & major events.

Barry Jones Has Been Performing Comedy Hypnosis For Over 30 Years.

Over 6000 shows and 100,000 people hypnotized!!!!!!!

Past performances include:


  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

  • Ford Motors

  • Club Med Sonora Bay

  • Sandals Resorts Jamaica

  • Paris Hote and Casino, Las Vegas

  • The Riviera Hotel and Casino , Las Vegas

  • Hells Kitchen

  • CSI Las Vegas (Consultant)

  • England 7s Rugby World Cup Team

  • NBC/BBC Hypnotist for Reality program "Ground Hog Date"

This was a Corporate show, and this hypnotized individual sings the American National anthem in Japanese------His vocal inflections are just hilarious! The second subject being told he is Garth Brooks singing friends in low places,

Comedy Hypnosis show Cork Institute of Technology September 25th 2015

We had the extreme pleasure of having Barry Jones for our 35th Anniversary Celebration. He put on two tremendous shows that were very entertaining, yet VERY professional !! He had the audience on the edge of their seats and people are still talking about it!. Thank you so much Barry and I cant wait to have you come back.
— Teri Rocha, Intel Corporation, Folsom CA

Corporate Shows and Key Note Speaking


Barry has set the standard for corporate entertainment. He can deliver pure entertainment or a keynote address to be remembered for years to come. The founder of "Education through Entertainment" seminars, Barry creates a world of laughter into which he can weave your corporate message.

We all yearn to improve ourselves, to more fully develop in our professional and personal lives. In fact, all development is fundamentally personal, and it is from this that our fullest potential finds outward expression. And the outward is but a reflection of a deeper, inward development of the Self -- of the subconscious mind.

Changes in the subconscious mind are known to produce definitive physiological changes, in addition to the obvious behavioral reprogramming evident in anyone who has undergone this training and has tapped into this, our greatest source of personal power.

The simplicity and elegance of this link between inward change and outward expression in a trained subconscious cannot be overstated. It is the genesis of our behavior and a primary focus of any effective training in personal -- and ultimately, professional -- development.

Barry Jones, an internationally recognized leader in personal depth training of the subconscious mind, will help you tap the latent potential of your mind and let flow the transformative behavior changes you have always sensed are within you. They reside just under the surface -- you need only know where to look.

Barry Jones delivers his message in an engaging and humorous style, and creates a context in which these intensely personal issues are brought to light and skillfully directed to the unique life situation of each audience-participant. Sit back and enjoy as this master of the subconscious mind introduces you to yourself, the deepest and most important relationship you will ever know.






Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Christmas Party San Diego 1400 in attendance




Keynote address for Intel, Folsom California Subject, "The Language Of The Mind"

Thank you so very much for your outstanding presentation at our annual sales convention. As I expected your presentation was very well received by our Representatives. You were light and uplifting in your delivery and you were very funny. This was exactly the effect I was looking for to charge up our troops. Thanks once again for an outstanding performance.”

Roland Brecek, President, Brecek & Young Advisors, Inc, Santa Rosa
— Roland Brecek, President, Brecek & Young Advisors, Inc, Santa Rosa

Fairs and Festivals

Barry Jones has performed as a Grandstand Entertainer and is a guaranteed draw for your fair

 Past performances include:

  • Utah State Fair Grand Stand Stage
  • Tanana Valley State Fair Grand Stand Stage
  • Knott's Berry Farm , Anaheim, California
  • Norco Co Fair, California
  • Los Angeles County Fair
  • SO California Fair
  • Mother Lode, Sonora California
  •  Unita Co Fair, Wyoming
  • Nez Perce Co Fair, Idaho
  • Bear Lake Co Fair, Idaho
  • Caribou Co Fair, Idaho
  • Malheur Co Fair, Oregon
                  Los Angeles County Fair 1.3 million in attendance

                 Los Angeles County Fair 1.3 million in attendance

  • Umatilla County Fair, Oregon
  • Main Street Cowboys/Pendleton Rodeo, Oregon
  • Clackamas Co Faie, Oregon
  • Brazoria Co Fair, Texas
  • Austin County Fair, Texas
  • Kingman County Fair, Arizona
  • Plymouth County Fair, Iowa
  • Cantaloupe Festival, Fallon, Nevada
  • Richland County Fair, Montana

                Utah State Fair, Grand Stand Stage and Knott's Berry Farm

Every year during the fair I take the time to watch your show and the surrounding crowd and every year the crowd just keeps growing. They respond to you with such warmth and laughter and it makes me smile just thinking about it. So often we contract performers for the Fair and the act seems to over promise and under deliver. Not so with your show! Whether it is a miserable day or sunny and warm they line up to see your show again and again.
— Coleen Turner CFE Tanana Valley State Fair Alaska


Universities and Colleges

Barry has an exceptional rapport with his audience having taught at University and Colleges for 12 years. Performing at educational institutions nationally and internationally you will always be guaranteed a first class program

Partial List of Universities

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • University of California San Diego
  • Santa Barbara University
  • University of Alaska
  • Cork Institute of Technology
  • Dublin City University
  • Massey University (New Zealand)
  • University of Otago (New Zealand)
  • University California San Francisco
  • University of California Los Angeles

Performance at Occidental College Los Angeles. Video courtesy of Paul Rudman       


Chickens laying eggs at Cork Institute of Technology September 24th 2015 For booking information go to

I have never seen someone put an audience under so quickly, Very Very funny and highly entertaining. Barry Jones is probably in the top two hypnotists I have booked in my 10 years at CIT (2015)
— -Mick O'Mahony Entertainments Manager Cork Institute of Technology Ireland


I can honestly say that your show was truly amazing—-everyone was on the edge of their seats. Barry Jones is a highly dedicated professional who sets the gold standard for customer service. Any group using Barry can be rest assured he will deliver what he promises…and more
My 24th year!
— Susan Ishimura, Mira Loma Grad Night, Sacramento

Benicia High Grad Night 2015 Dance Competition


                             Jockeys riding the fastest horse in the world


Benicia High School Grad Night 2016 with Comedy Hypnotist Barry Jones Subjects start off with competing in the world dancing championships! They are then told that they are famous singers. To view this video in full go to
On behalf of the California High School Grad Night Entertainment Committee, I want to thank you for an outstanding evening of entertainment. Your hypnosis show was enlightening, educational and extremely enjoyable. I understand that the graduates (and parents) talked about your show as the highlight of the evening. Those fortunate enough to be present were treated to something truly special. The laughs were non-stop and your charisma, energy and professionalism was appreciated by all. You were sensitive enough to gear the show to the audience perfectly and you very aptly involved them as well. We would emphatically recommend your program for any event. My only wish is that I could turn back time and re-live that memorable evening again.
— Michele Mock, Cal High, San Ramon
Barry, Well.....once again what can I say? You were phenomenal and the kids and parents were absolutely enthralled! Barry, I do have one complaint though......the people who come at 1:30 to clean....and stop to see a "second" of your show.....end up in there with you till you are finished! If I can't find someone I just have to look in the studio where you are.....and they are there too! I had a mom come in today hoping there was a video of the show..... her son said it was so amazing. Thanks, just wouldn't be the same without you!        Janice Blaire San Marin Safe and Sober Grad Night


Sports Hypnosis

There is NO substitute for extraordinary fitness to play in competitive team sports. Of course skill work is imperative, but once your fitness level deteriorates so does your skill.

If an athlete does not have the fitness or skill necessary for a sport, no amount of hypnosis will help them. Hypnosis is not a panacea or an easy way out.

Most of the athletes I work with have a supreme level of fitness and skill; their minds, however, CAN lack in mental conditioning. This is by no means a negative connotation, it is merely a lack of experiential coping mechanisms.

Having said this, I also see hardened veterans who display a lack of confidence. There is a myriad of physiological reasons why an athlete has performance blues, and that is why no hypnosis session can be treated in the same way.

Every person has the ability to experience hypnosis. When I facilitate the process, it is still self -hypnosis and cannot happen unless the individual wants to participate.

All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis

Talking with England 7s Captain Ben Gollings

Talking with England 7s Captain Ben Gollings

England Rugby 7s squad experiencing hypnosis

England Rugby 7s squad experiencing hypnosis

Of all the players I met in my life, Ben Gollings was the most fascinated by self development. His leadership and influence for his team was profound in the 2009 World Rugby 7s Championships. New Zealand had never beaten at home. England, down by 20 points at half time with a capacity crowd watching in Wellington, rose to the occasion led by Ben’s confidence went on to to win.

I asked some of the other players about what was said at half time. By their accounts, Ben Gollings was SO sure they were going to win the game that every player was persuaded to his conviction. They told me they never doubted him, it was as if it was a given.

Your sense of self, your emotional balance can have a profound effect on others.

Considerable amounts of time are given to skills and fitness training, how much of your time is allocated to mental conditioning?

For more information on workshops and mental conditioning please click on the link below.

Sports Performance Wokshops

“Barry is a magician with the human mind” Marianne Berglund PhD Former World Champion 10 times National Champion, and two-times Olympic cyclist.

Barry, thank you so much for working with the women’s volleyball team. Students definitely experienced a new level of consciousness and mental preparation for an intercollegiate volleyball match. This new awareness and ability to practice positive visualisation will benefit them in areas other than competitive sports. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the womens volleyball team Teri Mc Farland Womens Head Volleyball Coach Palomar College, San Diego.

Dear Barry, I want to extend my personal thanks for your presentation on hypnosis and performance to the Golden Gate Triathlon Club. You were both informative and highly entertaining and captured the interest of the 100 plus GGTC athletes who want to maximise their potential. Your methods were legitimized to all of us when we witnessed the likes of Terry Schneider-Egger under hypnosis, who correlated her Ironman successes to this process. I would also like welcome you back to the bay area to speak again, perhaps at our end of the year banquet. I look forward seeing you soon. Sincerely Todd S. Greenhalgh GGTC President San Francisco.

Dear Barry, I just wanted to write you a quick note of thanks. Your presentation at SCATS gymnastics was HIGHLY informative and captured the interest of my gymnasts. I have been working with my athletes for over a year in hypnosis/relaxation techniques, and they have had their doubts on how it worked until today. They still keep talking about what they experienced. A couple of my athletes who always visualized a fall on the beam, are able to complete a routine under self-hypnosis without a fault. This had definitely reflected in very positive training sessions. If you ever come into our area to speak again, please stop in. Sincerely Taunia Rogers, SCATS Head Coach, Huntington Beach, California.

Dear Barry, I wanted to thank you for working with the Palomar College Basketball College Basketball team and to inform you of the results of your endeavours. After the hypnosis sessions and concentration workshops that you administered, our coaching staff recognised a significant improvement in our players ability to played relaxed in pressure situations. As we discussed before your workshops, our team was not shooting free throws nearly as well as most college basketball teams. Before your workshops our team free throw percentages was 64.28. In the weeks following the workshop, our team free throw percentage was 78.68. As a coach I know that free throw shooting is technique, concentration and relaxation. Your work with our athletes significantly increased their ability to concentrate and relax. A side benifit of your work with our team has been their ability to concentrate and study. All five of our sophomores on the team received their degrees from Palomar College and full scholarships to four-year universities. This is remarkable when you consider that many of our players are from high risk environments. I sincerely believe that your workshops on concentration helped these student -athletes be more successful. I appreciate your time and energies and look forward to working with you in the future. Richard C Johnson Men’s Basketball Coach Palomar College, San Diego.

Dear Barry, Certainly, I firmly believe that one can enhance their performance with hypnosis. I only wish I could convince “all” my athletes that it really works. What you do though is to get them thinking about it. Too bad you’re not on staff———imagine? Thank you again for helping make our team one of the Nation’s best Lynn Rogers Head Gymnastics Coach California State University, Fullerton.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Barry Jones was born In England and completed his teaching credentials at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University.  He continued his education in the United States and holds a Masters Degree in Health and Physical Education.. He has lectured at the University level for 12 years, and conducts corporate seminars on re-programming the mind for self-development. Barry is also an ultra-endurance athlete and a competitor in the Ironman world championship triathlon in Hawaii.

Barry is certified through the American Board of American Hypnotherapy with advanced education at The University of California San Diego through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. 

This is the foremost society in North America of professionals in medicine, psychology, and dentistry.  It is dedicated to informing the public about the therapeutic effects of hypnosis and educating qualified professionals in the use of hypnosis for the benefit of humanity and themselves.


   These answers are based on over 35 years of hypnotherapy. As in any therapy, success can be attributed to many factors. In my professional opinion, the most important factor is based on trust and the individual relationship the therapist has with their client.

What is Hypnosis and work & will it work for me

Hypnosis is a method of focusing your mind and then using your imagination and thoughts to stir feelings and to alter your behavior and attitudes. In a sense, in hypnosis you are altering your internal world. When you change how you think, visualize and imagine things to be, your feelings and behavior will begin to change

It is commonly believed that we use only five or ten percent of our mental potential. Hypnosis is simply a focused state of attention and concentration that allows you to use more of that potential and power of your own mind. In a real sense, hypnosis is actually the ultimate in a self-control skill.

IF you are READY to make changes, then there is a very good chance that hypnosis will work. Results will vary based on the experience of your therapist and, also, on your state of mind. I always tell clients not to intellectualize the process, but to just kick back and enjoy the experience. If you are truly ready to be guided, then the results can be dramatic.

Scientists discover how hypnosis actually works

Do you have to be completely relaxed to be hypnotized?

Not at all! But I personally feel it is more beneficial.

How many sessions will it take?

I like to think I can accomplish what I want in a couple of sessions. If you feel you need more time then of course I will be available. My job is to teach you how to help yourself; your job is to follow through with the tools I have given you.

Is an audio download an effective way to use hypnosis?

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) certainly recommends audio downloads as part of a treatment plan. The digital age has certainly opened up other treatment options.

Telemedicine has become increasingly popular as well as long distance hypnotherapy sessions via Skype or other modalities. My preference would always be an office appointment, or better yet, an appointment in the privacy of the client’s home where they will be practicing the independent sessions on their own.

Any audio download should come with an education on its application. I do not feel it is effective otherwise. Engaging the client in a such a manner that they feel comfortable taking responsibility for the process, and in understanding the process, can make or break this therapeutic method.


Pro bono for cancer patients

Pro bono for PTSD

Pain Management


Ego-strengthening; enhancing esteem, self efficacy, and confidence.


Skin disorders

Sleep disorders

Eating disorders

Smoking, addictions
     and habit disorders

Concentration, academic and
     athletic performance.

Age regression, age
     progression, and past life

I have worked with many medical conditions so please do not hesitate to ask!
Hypnotherapy sessions can be in person or via Skype. Downloads of self hypnosis for various therapies can also be purchased from this site by going to PRODUCTS FOR SALE



Clck on Links below

Clck on Links below

2015 has been the first time in many years that I have recorded shows: Enjoy!

Benicia High School June 2016

Patrick Henry High School Belmont Amusement Park, San Diego June 2016

Trabuco Hills High School at Disneyland California June 2016

Dancers at St Andrews University Re-Freshers Week January 28th 2016

Post Show Interview with St Andrews University Participant January 28th 2016

  Cork Institute of Technology Men being Lingerie Models Oct 2015

        CIT Chickens Laying Eggs Oct 2015

The best national anthem I have heard (Not sure of date)

        Stockdale High School Lead singer of Foreigner June 2015

      Benicia High Whipped Cream will not go in my mouth June 2015

          James C Enoch's High Jockey in a Horse Race June 2015

Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology Dublin. Ireland Dancing to "Cotton Eyed Joe" September 2015

      Benicia High Sings Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go” 2015

         Benicia High Student thinks they are Sam Smith singing “Stay with Me” 2015

Maynooth University, Ireland Students are fish. Experiencing VERY tight underware September 2014

            Dublin City University September 2014

             Sun God Festival University of of California San Diego 2013

              USS Halsey Navy Christmas Party 2013

      San Diego State Being told they are the Village People YMCA 2012

       Occidental College Singing National Anthem in Japanese 2010

        Occidental College Hands are fans to cool you down 2010

       Occidental College Dance Competition 2010

          Featured Artist Apple County 2014

      Occidental College Underware getting tighter 2010

       Occidental College Dance Off 2010

         Part 1 Promotional Video Utah State Fair, Knott's Berry Farm, Pfizer

     Part 2 Promotional Video

         Oxford University 1994 ( Not the greatest quality, but fun material )


Promotional Biography

Since 1985 Barry Jones has been performing over 200 shows a year.
Barry was educated through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis at the University of California San Diego.

Disneyland California Grad Night Hypnotist 2013-2018

USA Consultant ( ATLANTA ) "You're Back In The Room Reality Show" Fox TV Auditions February 2017

The first British comedy hypnotist to perform as a headliner on the Las Vegas Strip
April 2011 Barry was hired by FOX TV for the third episode of HELL'S KITCHEN  to be entertainment at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles

August 2010 Barry consulted for the DISCOVERY CHANNEL on the use of hypnosis and its relationship to emotions
Barry continues to work with hypnosis and its effect on athletic performance. Prior to their competition in the Rugby 7s World Championships Barry had the opportunity to work with & entertain England's world-class 7s team. (San Diego, February 2009)
In May 2008 Barry was hired as a consultant by the producers of CSI Las Vegas for an episode relating to hypnosis. The program aired Oct 13th 2008.
In November 2005 Barry was selected by NBC to be the featured hypnotist on a reality TV program called "Ground Hog Date." The program was produced by the BBC.
Prior commitments prevented Barry participating in Law and Order on a hypnosis related episode; and also clinical consulting with a competitor of "Dancing With The Stars."

Barry Jones was born in England and obtained his teaching credentials at Newcastle University. He completed his graduate work in the United States and has taught and coached at universities and colleges in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.
As a competitor in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, Barry became aware of the "altered state of mind" that it took to participate in such events. Subsequently, in a 21-hour biathlon from Death Valley to the peak of Mt Whitney, he experienced a 4-hour loss of time. Fascinated by the trance state, he turned his studies to hypnosis. Barry is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with advanced clinical education through the University of California San Diego (The course curriculum is set forth through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and offered to physicians and health professionals as an adjunct to traditional medicine).
Equally at home in the University and College environment, he has performed his comedy hypnosis show for venues throughout the US as well as OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE in England; and in his 2002 tour of NEW ZEALAND where he performed at student orientations at MASSEY, CANTERBURY, VICTORIA and OTAGO University.
Performing hypnosis shows at fairs in Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, North Carolina, Alaska, California, Texas, New Mexico, Iowa, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, as well as over fifty high school performances a year, have given Barry a wealth and diversity of experience that enables him to tailor make any event for your needs.


Contact Barry Jones


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University of California San Diego

University of California San Diego


One Day Intensive Stage Hypnosis class 

June 15th San Diego (USA) & July 6th London (UK)

Barry Jones with guest speaker Bill Anapoell MD (US Class)

Over 100,000 successfully hypnotised and over 6000 performances 

This will be a fun, fast and comprehensive overview of stage hypnosis. Performing inductions is simple, in fact, Barry can cover every variation in 10 minutes or less. Evangelical, Instant or traditional progressive inductions? There is nothing complex or magical about them. There is no right or wrong! Use what works for you, AND realistically, what keeps on getting you hired back.


The American Psychological Association (HDC hypnosis definition committee 2015) seems to be no further forward with their understanding of what hypnosis really is. Whatever you learn and from whom, is always going to be open to debate until enough money is invested into peer-reviewed research. The academics postulate their theories and there are many! In the same way, the stage hypnosis community does the same.

Barry feels very fortunate to have Bill Anapoell MD as a guest speaker. An Internist at Scripps Mercy Hospital, Hillcrest, San Diego, Bill is passionate about hypnosis and its application in medicine as well as being a wonderful entertainer.


Being in front of an audience came naturally for Barry Jones. Twelve years of teaching at California universities sharpened public speaking skills and stage presence. Barry reveals comedy timing as his pièce de résistance. Like any good athlete or musician that makes a performance seem effortless, there are countless learning experiences a stage performer goes through to achieve a refined level of expertise.

In the One Day Intensive Stage Hypnosis class, Barry shares and elucidates how his learning opportunities refined his performance success. In this age of succinct information, the Intensive class provides you the basic skills to put on your own show. Many people like the thought of performing a show and probably have the skills to pull it off, but for ‘some reason’ it just does not happen. This course works on effectively addressing those mental blocks.

Additional Information to be covered

  1. How to acquire contacts for the Fair Industry & Grad Night market

  2. Key note presentations

  3. Working with pain management ( With special guest Dr Bill Anapoell )

  4. Creating simple Weight Loss/Smoking Cessation seminars

  5. Working with athlets/athletic teams “Barry is a magician with the human mind” Marianne Berglund PhD Former World Champion 10 times National Champion, and two-times Olympic cyclist.

Working with England Rugby 7s World Cup Team

Working with England Rugby 7s World Cup Team


The Intensive Stage Hypnosis class gives you the tools; showing you how to use them effectively and efficiently. You just apply them.

Please do not hesitate to review Barry’s webpage at

 Bill Anapoell MD

For those taking the course, you are welcome to see any of Barry Jones’ performances (16) in May/June 2019. All students will have continued access to Barry via phone, email or Skype.

Course materials will be supplied as an adjunct to material covered.

Cost is $500.00 and UK £400.00

Location: San Diego, California & London

CONTACT me at for more information and a good time to call if you need to talk in person.