Who Were You In A Past Life? Regression Therapy Will Help

December 16, 2009

Who Were You In A Past Life? Regression Therapy Will Help

Do you feel unwanted? Are you suffering from addiction of any sort? Are you always being bullied or victimized for a reason you doesn't even know? Do you have anger issues? How about your relationships, are they good? Do you seem to lack something even though you almost have everything? You have probably not even considered Regression Therapy before.

Does that sound like you? Are you trying to correct the issue but just cannot figure out how to do it? Well then maybe you've never even considered regression therapy. You should really give it a try, simply because it might be the one answer that you've been looking for.

'Regression Therapy' means eliminating the dark in order to release the light. A category of hypnotic therapy and the client is helped to return to his past life and experiences while his consciousness remains active. This is known as past life regression.

The recalled experiences might be a person's current adult life, or it could be somewhere in their childhood. To go even further back, a person might be able to experience the time before they left their mother's womb.

Past life regression therapy however takes this a step further and takes clients back in time to before conception; to a time before their previous life.

The conception that one has lived previously is difficult for some. They find it hard to understand and accept it. However, overwhelming evidence suggests that this present life is just one of many we have experienced. This therapy is a tool in helping to change unwanted behavior of the past in a natural way as opposed to prescription drugs. A totally natural approach to emotional problems many have found difficult to deal with.

Clients have spoken of life as an official in a foreign kingdom; vividly portraying the experiences fighting in war; hunting in the Stone Age. Having the same partner then as now in the present.

It is quite interesting when someone recalls a past memory. It becomes amazing when that memory can be verified with records. There can be parish records or even state records that will verify these instances, and it's nothing short of incredible.

There are also startling reports around the world of children who can accurately remember their recent past lives and get to meet people still living that they were once related to.

Though it might not seem meaningful, figuring out who we were in the past will teach us the lessons that we need to move through our own lives. It provides us with yet another way to look at life. Our lives will become much easier once we understand who we are and what we are capable of.

Faulty Thoughts is a term that is used widely in the regression therapy community. These are negative thoughts that a person has carried over from their past life. These thoughts can have an adverse effect on a person's life, which is never good.

There is only one person that is capable of getting rid of such thoughts, and that is the person that is responsible for harboring them. A person who is the victim of such Faulty Thoughts has the option of releasing the energy and turning their own energy field into a positive one. How can this be done? A few of the ways are repaying karma, re-patterning, and forgiveness.

The idea of forgiving someone is based on what is known as the golden rule, and can be found in scripture: 'Do unto others as you would do unto yourself.' This means repaying karma by making things right and making things right.

If a person is able to carry such things out, then it would be possible to re-pattern their energy fields. They can do this by practicing things such as tranquility, care, and other things that might be considered positive.

Although sometimes tiring, Regression Therapy is said to be life changing. Most clients say this procedure resulted as a positive attitude, renewed outlook of life and becoming a stronger person.

But of course, to achieve this result, every client must have a tough commitment to know himself thoroughly and change the way he is expecting his life to be.

Regression therapy is a fascinating subject, and you should seriously think about trying it yourself either just out of interest, to discover who you were in a previous life, or to help you with present day problems.

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