Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr uses Hypnobirthing to have son naturally

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Heather VanNest

Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr used Hypnobirthing techniques to give birth to her son. She says the daily, relaxation breathing exercises and guided imagery she used while she was pregnant had a lot to do with the calm demeanor of her baby boy.

Hypnobirthing classes don't actually involve traditional hypnosis. Women use specific breathing exercises to relax enough so that they don't need epidurals or medications which are usually given to speed up labor (and can intensify contractions).

 Kerr joins actress Jessica Alba who also talked about taking these classes to have a medication-free natural birth. The specific training exercises allow for a more peaceful birthing process.

While natural, medication-free births are common in other countries, it is less likely a woman in the United States would have a natural birth.

The U.S. also has one of the highest c-section rates in the world. Florida has the highest c-section rate in the country. The reasons for the high rate include convenience, medical malpractice concerns, age/health of mother. Recovery can take longer compared to natural birth.

I interviewed many Hypnobirthing mothers who told me the techniques trained them to relax their entire bodies so they could have a peaceful birth experience.

It's another birthing option for parents to consider.

I figured I had nothing to lose so I paid for the classes to see if they would work for me.


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