Tampa woman says gastric bypass hypnosis helps lose weight without the actual surgery

TAMPA - Debbie Mainger is 30 pounds lighter and a couple pants sizes smaller, thanks to virtual surgery.  "I was morbidly obese -- more than 100 pounds over my healthy weight." Like many obese individuals, Debbie first tried many diets. "Obese people know more about what we are supposed to be eating than most people."

She even considered gastric bypass surgery when related medical issues became overwhelming. "The fibromyalgia, I wasn't diabetic but I was certainly going to be. My blood pressure was too high. My cholesterol was getting up there. I definitely would qualify for it, and I did consider it, but it scared me. That is major, major surgery."

That’s when she heard about Rena Greenberg and a unique type of hypnosis.

Greenberg said, "I guide people into the hypnotic state and I simulate the actual bariatric surgery, so when the person comes out they feel as if their actual stomach is smaller."

"I actually tasted the anesthesia," said Debbie.  Afterwards, she said she had none of the pain after surgery but what she expects would have been the results. "After just five or six bites of somethingm you're satisfied, which was amazing to me because I could eat a lot."

Gastric bypass hypnosis actually started in Europe but has been gaining in popularity here in the United States as an alternative to actual surgery but what do the surgeons think about that?

"I think this is fairly new and interesting," said Dr. Michel Murr.  He and his team at USF and TGH have performed weight loss surgery on more than 3, 500 patients. "We have long term data that shows most patients that go trough our program loose about 50 to 60 percent of the excess weight that they carry and that's a very competitive number."

While Murr says hypnosis is a safe treatment, he worries that patients are at risk of gaining the weight back. "Traditionally, most of the non-operative treatments that don't involve actual operations and don't include a multi-disciplinary approach have no long term effects in maintaining the weight loss."

But Rena Greenberg disagrees. For many people it can be a life long experience. I do think reinforcement is a very important part of it, but another part of it is just getting into new habits."

For more information, contact Rena Greenberg, Director, Wellness Seminars, Inc,  EasyWillpower.com , 800-848-2822