Past Life Regression Stories

Past Life Regression is a very interesting subject, but more interesting is to listen to past life regression real stories, how they try to fight against phobias using Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. The following video shows three of these cases of Past Life Regression.

20/20’s Pete Cronshaw follows three people as they use Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy to face their greatest fears. A mum who finds bird life threatening; a woman who is terrified of a chocolate bar and another who has to be forced to drink liquids to live – could their serious phobias be the result of past lives?

You will see the abject fear in their eyes and hear then under hypnosis talking of painful experiences in other lives. But is seeing believing?

Hypnotherapist Carmel Cathie helps these three people release these phobias through re-visiting past life experiences to help bring the subconscious mind into the present.

Note: Past Life Regression is a procedure that only requires processing when indicated and should only be undertaken by an experienced facilitator who has a deep understanding of spiritual growth and development.