Past Life Regression As A Healing Tool

From Past Life December 27, 2009 Of the population only, it is said, only twenty five percent believe in the existence of reincarnation. It does not, however, necessarily prove that reincarnation does not exist. Have there been times you've felt an inclination towards something or maybe you had an ability or talent and had no idea where you got that talent from? You know what I'm referring to I'm sure. Sometimes we feel strongly about something for no reason at all. Maybe something important from a past life.

This possibility is, unfortunately, overlook or ignored as valid. By doing this many individuals miss the opportunity to grow personally and to find out who they are and the reason they are. What is not realized is that not going back using past life regeneration will impair any effort to be successful and also impede your personal achievements.

The extensive research done on life regression and a fact is that, life regression is a very powerful too and used to help the emotional disturbed.

A benefit of life regression, and one of the most important is the healing of trauma and its clearing. We can make one of two choice when encountering trauma. One try and change it or two face it head on and heal it. Talking of life regression and when faced with trauma there is an option of rescuing the past self to move forward now and where the trauma is viewed by a higher self, as a whole.

Everyone has creativity within them and past life regression is the way to contact your creative self. All individuals have many talents and attributes which can help with guiding them with making better choices and decisions, now in the present. Past life regression can help you visit your past lives and can bring the past life back to act as an Inner Guide.

Practicing past life regression can aid you in rewriting a past life contract, agreement or a promise. Karma – is easily said as 'what goes around, comes around'. Anything you do (good or bad) past or present will eventually come back to you. If another individual is involved and you need to be free of this agreement, you need to go back to the time of the original agreement. This can be accomplished with an Inner Guide. You will have to decide if you want to atone for or see if the agreement can be modified to benefit your current situation.

Going back to a past life with past life regression offers a significant benefit. That is the affirming and ground of ones self.

Individuals who go back to a past life, with past life regression, often find that they feel more grounded and this is not uncommon. They also become more aware of themselves as individuals. It is known fact that they are aware they have connections, desires, talents and characteristics. The information they have received explains the reason for these abilities enabling them to accept the situation. And allows them to live a more complete and balanced life.

In the field of past life regression, experts all agree that when a person practices life regression they can improve and further enhance their life. You will remember your lives in the past with past life regression and enable you to live a more fulfilled life in the present.

You may even think that the events and feelings you have are just a figment of your imagination, believe or not, but then a catharsis will happen, opening your mind, breaking down the barriers blocking you from achieving your goals.

Lets briefly recap. The benefits of life regression also include coping and dealing with trauma situations from the past. This allows us to move forward in this life, the present. Having dealt with these past situations makes it easier to make better choices and decisions. This is possible because we've already dealt with them in the past.

If we are aware of our history, there is less probability we will repeat it. True world wide and of your personal life as well. Knowing you have been dishonest (in the past) and you have paid the price of that dishonesty enables you to change your way of doing things in a better and more productive way in the present.

The importance of knowledge cannot be overstated. And is, in fact, the most important benefit of past life regression. Knowledge give you a better understanding of you, who you are, what you are and why you are. With all this information you can live a completely balanced and fulfilled life. You have talents, connections, skills and all these attributes will help you do all the things you want to. You have skills and more you never knew you had. Take them and use them to their fullest potential.