Local woman drops 42 pounds after hypno-bypass

Posted: 07/18/2011

  • By: Joce Sterman

BOWIE, Md. - A few months ago, we told you about a medical miracle; weight loss surgery without ever having to go under the knife.

It's not a dream. It's hypnosis and a local woman has had huge success in the months since she had the pseudo-surgery. ABC2 News Joce Sterman has more on the weight she's lost and the surprising decision her family has made to pass along the technique to others.

When we last saw Sondra Lambert, she was being lulled to sleep. Nearly seven months later, she says she's had an awakening, "It's been awesome, really, really awesome."

What is awesome is the transformation Sondra is experiencing after undergoing gastric band surgery, without ever entering a hospital.

Instead, the procedure was all in her mind, performed by a hypnotist. Lambert explains, "People freak out at the word hypnosis. They think it's something weird. They think it's something crazy."

But Sondra embraced the idea and it's paying off. She's down 42 pounds and has lost 32 inches from her chest, stomach and hips. Sondra says there's been no radical change that amped her weight loss, like marathon training or extreme dieting.

She says she exercises and eats healthy, but credits the hypno-bypass for making the mind-body connection that helps her shed pounds. Lambert says, "It's not been hard. There's not been a hard day. All along the way it has been simple because I'm not fighting it."

In fact, Sondra is still going through pseudo surgery sessions, although the person whispering in her ear now has a closer connection. Larry, her husband, also went through the hypno lap band procedure and has since become a certified master hypnotist. The couple believes in the process so much, Larry decided to make it happen for others. Sondra hopes to get the training as well. She says, "This will be our future."

Their future is symbolized in a simple gold ring Larry bought when Sondra's wedding band became too big because of the weight she's lost. Lambert tells ABC2, "Larry gave me a hug and a kiss and slipped this red ring on my hand to anchor my wedding ring. So my wedding ring is as I was and we'll see my progress. But he put the red ring on my hand to anchor it with the promise of tomorrow."