Hypnotist Offers Relief to Tinnitus Sufferers

Many Americans struggle with tinnitus. Hypnosis counseling can offer significant relief.

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ (PRWEB) July 20, 2011

Millions of Americans are distressed by tinnitus. Yet Certified Hypnotist James Malone believes many could experience significant relief through hypnosis counseling.

Tinnitus is a condition where the individual hears persistent noises that are generated internally rather than from the external environment, with some calling it “ringing in the ears."

Exposure to loud noises and certain medications are known to cause tinnitus, however in many cases the origin is unknown. In severe and persistent cases, it has the potential to severely disrupt a person’s quality of life.

Malone states, "many experts now believe tinnitus is similar to phantom limb pain, the condition where a person experiences discomfort in a body part that was amputated. Although there may be a physical origin of tinnitus, eventually the noise becomes like an endless tape loop that plays in the person's mind and brain rather than being an actual signal from the ears."

He adds, "its only natural that the more a person fears his or her tinnitus, the more attention it will be given. This focus makes the tinnitus more noticeable, creating a vicious cycle. The task of the hypnotist is to help relieve the stress and fear so that the client can begin to refocus his or her attention in a healthier direction."

Although people generally are becoming more open to the idea of hypnosis for self-improvement, Malone does feel it necessary to point out that, "your experience with a certified hypnosis professional will not resemble what you see in comedy stage hypnosis shows. You will not be given silly suggestions or ever feel out of control. Rather it is a relaxed state of focused attention where you can alter your perceptions in a healthy way. Once you release the fear of tinnitus you will become better able to ignore it."

James Malone has had hypnosis counseling practice at the Jersey Shore since 1995 since he was first certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest organization of its kind. He is also the publisher of the Creative Calm online newsletter and is the author of several self-improvement e-books.