Help at hand to quit smoking


By Michael Ferrante, Fremantle-Cockburn Gazette


Sharon Sims and Dave Allan help smokers quit through hypnosis.

SMOKING is an expensive, unhealthy and unattractive habit that many have tried to quit on numerous occasions, with little success.

But there is hope for those wanting to break the habit once and for all.

Dave Allan and Sharon Sims, of Hypnosis To Quit Cigarettes Perth, who opened a branch in the heart of Fremantle recently, use a unique and specialised hypnosis technique they say has a 95 per cent success rate and has smokers quitting in just one 60- minute session.

They said it was the least painful and safest method of quitting because no dangerous chemicals, drugs or nicotine replacement was required for it to be effective, with no withdrawal symptoms, cravings or weight gain.

“We use a unique and proven method of hypnosis that also incorporates a technique called Neuro Linguistic Programming – and we also spend time talking to our clients about their individual background and smoking habit,” Mr Allan said.

Hypnosis To Quit Cigarettes Perth can be found in Woodsons Arcade, suite 37/13-15, Cantonment Street, Fremantle.

Visit www.howtoquitsmokingperth .com or call 1800 868 119.