Do you believe in Karma, unveil yourself in the past?

Have you ever heard something about Past regression therapy? So now you will surely find it out from Monday to Friday on your television screen, ND TV imagine is hosting the show from 07 Dec Monday onwards. The show would certainly raise your hair and people would know the entire mechanics of human genesis. The secret of past life has been a complicated subject for intellectuals and thousands of thinkers in the world across.

Death and Life are two integral phases of all the living beings, but there are scores of illusive questions throttling right in minds of million people. Something that correlates present life with his previous ‘KARMA’, are people living standard linked directly to something in their past? What is past is past, amicable qualities are hired subject to his previous attendance, and this is the KARMA which leads him all the way in present state. In Buddhism preaching it says, what we are today in whatever forms richer or poorer, good or bad are simply because we might have borrowed all fate from KARMA. ‘Life is something like fine beads woven in hyperfine thread’. He who has done a better work in his previous life would get all the happiness in his present life, this is what the Buddhism states about life and death. Interestingly the debate still rolls out when talking about past life, but they who believe in it has revealed about his previous life forms.

How can one pass through time, boat himself back to his previous life?

Past therapy is a subject in which a person is made to subside by regaining the unseen power of mind through a rigorous meditation, he is made to zero mind state where person completely forgets all the mental stress just like formatting a hard disk data from a computer just for few minutes or hours. The person’s reflex totally gets strangled for couple of minutes, he is under a traumatic phase. Person begins to feel different life around him, he meets his past life with very different people around him. This process of meditation is commonly known as past therapy.

Most of the people wants to explore about themselves in past life, they want to know what fate they have credited in their past life that they are facing ups and downs in their present life.

A well-specialized professional should be contacted if someone wants to know their past life through by meditation technique. So, here I think , think and re-think that in my previous life I was definitely someone who lived somewhere but “WHO WAS I”?

  • Vedanta loudly says that what we are today is the effect of our past karmas in several previous lifes. It will be interesting to see NDTV and see LIVE how the past gets unveiled. The summary of the Karma theory is that we should not get too much agitated on small issues. After all everybody has to leave this world today or tomorrow. Let us think & work for a peaceful enviornment. The ultimate success comes from Peace and Peace only.