Amethyst BioMat Newest Alternative Cancer Treatment

This newest mat addressing numerous cancer related issues

Richway company producer of this newest alternative cancer treatment, developer of medical and therapeutic products now introduces the BioMat.

BioMat which looks much like that of a yoga mat is said to help numerous cancer related issues including circulation, inflammation, pain, and fatigue by using thermo-technology.

The quantum energy it uses is said to alleviate several health and illness problems these include cancer, high blood pressure and even Lyme disease. According to what is written on this newest therapy, it uses the combination of infrared rays which can penetrate up to six inches into the body and attack the cancer cells. The negative ion therapy heightens the immune systems, aide’s waste removal and restores the body’s balance. The pure amethyst superconductor can soothe the central nervous system.

According to Calvin Kim, owner of Richway, when you get sick you have a temperature which aides in fighting the virus which made you sick. Therefore, by increasing the body temperature by one degree by using the BioMat, it remarkably increases the immune response. Mr. Kim further remarks that this treatment makes a major difference in peoples lives. Noting that it is simple to use, affordable and convenient.

This new treatment is registered by the U.S. FDA registered medical device for pain management

According the companies website it provides numerous benefits in which include alleviating migraines and tension headaches, improves cardiovascular health and decreases allergy symptoms.

If you wish to try it the price tag on the BioMat professional will cost $1450.00

You can get the mini-version for $550.00

If you wish to explore alternative therapies for cancer there are several available a few of these include:


Chiropractic care does aide cancer patients to better handle issues such as incapacitating pain and discomfort. The care in which they can provide can decrease stress and aide in increasing mobility. It has been noted to offer many effective strategies in decreasing the pain and suffering in cancer patients plus it is affordable. Many insurance companies cover chiropractic care. It has been established to boost the body’s immune system and provide overall health benefits.


For a long length of time hypnotherapy has been noted to aide in a long list of medical conditions and supported by reputable medical professionals. In 1959, Time magazine had released on article on hypnosis for cancer pain. The article had cited Dr. Jabob H. Conn, psychiatry professor at John Hopkins University stating that hypnotherapy (hypnosis) was relatively quick and easy method for pain relief. The relief it provides could last for hours or longer.

In trials conducted with children who endure cancer, hypnosis has demonstrated that children had decreased pain from medical procedures as well as cancer related pain.

In 2010, a researcher at the University of Buffalo had demonstrated that hypnosis does in fact help alleviate pain in women with metastatic breast cancer.

There is substantial documentation on hypnotherapy. Along with reducing or even eliminating pain it can also help in other ways which include decrease stress, eliminate or reduce the effects from chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It will also improve sleep quality, restart a healthy appetite, improve mood, and even motivates a person to stick to their practitioners protocol. More and more major insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield do endorse the use of hypnotherapy as an additional treatment to improve health.


Acupuncture has numerous roles. It can be used to decrease post-operative pain, pain control and speeding up recovery from side effects of different therapies. It aides in reducing nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy and certain drugs.

Acupuncture just like chiropractic and hypnotherapy or used at a variety of medical institutions.

Debbie Nicholson is based in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, and is Anchor for Allvoices