Corporate Shows and Key Note Speaking


Barry has set the standard for corporate entertainment. He can deliver pure entertainment or a keynote address to be remembered for years to come. The founder of "Education through Entertainment" seminars, Barry creates a world of laughter into which he can weave your corporate message.

We all yearn to improve ourselves, to more fully develop in our professional and personal lives. In fact, all development is fundamentally personal, and it is from this that our fullest potential finds outward expression. And the outward is but a reflection of a deeper, inward development of the Self -- of the subconscious mind.

Changes in the subconscious mind are known to produce definitive physiological changes, in addition to the obvious behavioral reprogramming evident in anyone who has undergone this training and has tapped into this, our greatest source of personal power.

The simplicity and elegance of this link between inward change and outward expression in a trained subconscious cannot be overstated. It is the genesis of our behavior and a primary focus of any effective training in personal -- and ultimately, professional -- development.

Barry Jones, an internationally recognized leader in personal depth training of the subconscious mind, will help you tap the latent potential of your mind and let flow the transformative behavior changes you have always sensed are within you. They reside just under the surface -- you need only know where to look.

Barry Jones delivers his message in an engaging and humorous style, and creates a context in which these intensely personal issues are brought to light and skillfully directed to the unique life situation of each audience-participant. Sit back and enjoy as this master of the subconscious mind introduces you to yourself, the deepest and most important relationship you will ever know.






Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Christmas Party San Diego 1400 in attendance




Keynote address for Intel, Folsom California Subject, "The Language Of The Mind"

Thank you so very much for your outstanding presentation at our annual sales convention. As I expected your presentation was very well received by our Representatives. You were light and uplifting in your delivery and you were very funny. This was exactly the effect I was looking for to charge up our troops. Thanks once again for an outstanding performance.”

Roland Brecek, President, Brecek & Young Advisors, Inc, Santa Rosa
— Roland Brecek, President, Brecek & Young Advisors, Inc, Santa Rosa