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Everything Hypnosis 1


I have hypnotised over a 100,000 people, performed over 5000 shows and had one of the largest hypnotherapy practices in San Diego. Everything Hypnosis is a one-stop rich resource for everything that you wanted to know about hypnosis.
Every month there will be information on how to put your first show together, detailed in every aspect of the production. Each step of the way will be illustrated with actual videos of performances. For the hypnotherapist, there will be audio downloads for a plethora of clinical treatments; podcasts discussing marketing techniques and how to expand your practise; and how to use these techniques to attract more clients. I will also be discussing past life regression, or as I call it, genetic encoding; which has had mind-boggling results.
 For those of you that want to move into professional speaking, subconscious programming is an amazing way to get your foot into this highly lucrative field. I will show you step by step how I have done this.
This will be the 26th successive year that I have performed for many of my clients. To be honest I have not really had to market myself very hard. I can conservatively say I have passsed on over $100,000 to other entertainers due to double bookings.
I love entertaining as I do clinical hypnosis and in any business RETENTION should be a natural by product of your success.
Try and offer more than you have been asked for, but do it because you want to, not for any other reason.
So Why am I offering so much for so little———-The answer is simple:

A private feedback group will be created for members as an ongoing classroom discussion.

For your first download you should get 1. Self hypnosis manual value $20.00 2. Audio Self Hypnosis download value $20 3. Podcast discussing Eye Roll Technique for creating trance state, plus Video links 4. Information regarding what should be in the ZIP file

For any reason you were unable to get this information contact me directly at barryj@barryjones.com. Payment can be made via Paypal or a credit card


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