Clck on Links below

Clck on Links below

2015 has been the first time in many years that I have recorded shows: Enjoy!

Benicia High School June 2016

Patrick Henry High School Belmont Amusement Park, San Diego June 2016

Trabuco Hills High School at Disneyland California June 2016

Dancers at St Andrews University Re-Freshers Week January 28th 2016

Post Show Interview with St Andrews University Participant January 28th 2016

  Cork Institute of Technology Men being Lingerie Models Oct 2015

        CIT Chickens Laying Eggs Oct 2015

The best national anthem I have heard (Not sure of date)

        Stockdale High School Lead singer of Foreigner June 2015

      Benicia High Whipped Cream will not go in my mouth June 2015

          James C Enoch's High Jockey in a Horse Race June 2015

Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology Dublin. Ireland Dancing to "Cotton Eyed Joe" September 2015

      Benicia High Sings Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go” 2015

         Benicia High Student thinks they are Sam Smith singing “Stay with Me” 2015

Maynooth University, Ireland Students are fish. Experiencing VERY tight underware September 2014

            Dublin City University September 2014

             Sun God Festival University of of California San Diego 2013

              USS Halsey Navy Christmas Party 2013

      San Diego State Being told they are the Village People YMCA 2012

       Occidental College Singing National Anthem in Japanese 2010

        Occidental College Hands are fans to cool you down 2010

       Occidental College Dance Competition 2010

          Featured Artist Apple County 2014

      Occidental College Underware getting tighter 2010

       Occidental College Dance Off 2010

         Part 1 Promotional Video Utah State Fair, Knott's Berry Farm, Pfizer

     Part 2 Promotional Video

         Oxford University 1994 ( Not the greatest quality, but fun material )


Promotional Biography

Since 1985 Barry Jones has been performing over 200 shows a year.
Barry Jones founded the San Diego School of Stage Hypnosis and is recognized by his peers as an innovator of many of the techniques used by professional stage hypnotists today. Barry was educated through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis at the University of California San Diego.

Disneyland California Grad Night Hypnotist 2013-2018

USA Consultant ( ATLANTA ) "You're Back In The Room Reality Show" Fox TV Auditions February 2017

The first British comedy hypnotist to perform as a headliner on the Las Vegas Strip
April 2011 Barry was hired by FOX TV for the third episode of HELL'S KITCHEN  to be entertainment at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles

August 2010 Barry consulted for the DISCOVERY CHANNEL on the use of hypnosis and its relationship to emotions
Barry continues to work with hypnosis and its effect on athletic performance. Prior to their competition in the Rugby 7s World Championships Barry had the opportunity to work with & entertain England's world-class 7s team. (San Diego, February 2009)
In May 2008 Barry was hired as a consultant by the producers of CSI Las Vegas for an episode relating to hypnosis. The program aired Oct 13th 2008.
In November 2005 Barry was selected by NBC to be the featured hypnotist on a reality TV program called "Ground Hog Date." The program was produced by the BBC.
Prior commitments prevented Barry participating in Law and Order on a hypnosis related episode; and also clinical consulting with a competitor of "Dancing With The Stars."

Barry Jones was born in England and obtained his teaching credentials at Newcastle University. He completed his graduate work in the United States and has taught and coached at universities and colleges in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.
As a competitor in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, Barry became aware of the "altered state of mind" that it took to participate in such events. Subsequently, in a 21-hour biathlon from Death Valley to the peak of Mt Whitney, he experienced a 4-hour loss of time. Fascinated by the trance state, he turned his studies to hypnosis. Barry is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with advanced clinical education through the University of California San Diego (The course curriculum is set forth through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and offered to physicians and health professionals as an adjunct to traditional medicine).
Equally at home in the University and College environment, he has performed his comedy hypnosis show for venues throughout the US as well as OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE in England; and in his 2002 tour of NEW ZEALAND where he performed at student orientations at MASSEY, CANTERBURY, VICTORIA and OTAGO University.
Performing hypnosis shows at fairs in Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, North Carolina, Alaska, California, Texas, New Mexico, Iowa, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, as well as over fifty high school performances a year, have given Barry a wealth and diversity of experience that enables him to tailor make any event for your needs.