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Barry Jones was born In England and completed his teaching credentials at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University.  He continued his education in the United States and holds a Masters Degree in Health and Physical Education.. He has lectured at the University level for 12 years, and conducts corporate seminars on re-programming the mind for self-development. Barry is also an ultra-endurance athlete and a competitor in the Ironman world championship triathlon in Hawaii.

Barry is certified through the American Board of American Hypnotherapy with advanced education at The University of California San Diego through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. 

This is the foremost society in North America of professionals in medicine, psychology, and dentistry.  It is dedicated to informing the public about the therapeutic effects of hypnosis and educating qualified professionals in the use of hypnosis for the benefit of humanity and themselves.


   These answers are based on over 35 years of hypnotherapy. As in any therapy, success can be attributed to many factors. In my professional opinion, the most important factor is based on trust and the individual relationship the therapist has with their client.

What is Hypnosis and work & will it work for me

Hypnosis is a method of focusing your mind and then using your imagination and thoughts to stir feelings and to alter your behavior and attitudes. In a sense, in hypnosis you are altering your internal world. When you change how you think, visualize and imagine things to be, your feelings and behavior will begin to change

It is commonly believed that we use only five or ten percent of our mental potential. Hypnosis is simply a focused state of attention and concentration that allows you to use more of that potential and power of your own mind. In a real sense, hypnosis is actually the ultimate in a self-control skill.

IF you are READY to make changes, then there is a very good chance that hypnosis will work. Results will vary based on the experience of your therapist and, also, on your state of mind. I always tell clients not to intellectualize the process, but to just kick back and enjoy the experience. If you are truly ready to be guided, then the results can be dramatic.

Scientists discover how hypnosis actually works

Do you have to be completely relaxed to be hypnotized?

Not at all! But I personally feel it is more beneficial.

How many sessions will it take?

I like to think I can accomplish what I want in a couple of sessions. If you feel you need more time then of course I will be available. My job is to teach you how to help yourself; your job is to follow through with the tools I have given you.

Is an audio download an effective way to use hypnosis?

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) certainly recommends audio downloads as part of a treatment plan. The digital age has certainly opened up other treatment options.

Telemedicine has become increasingly popular as well as long distance hypnotherapy sessions via Skype or other modalities. My preference would always be an office appointment, or better yet, an appointment in the privacy of the client’s home where they will be practicing the independent sessions on their own.

Any audio download should come with an education on its application. I do not feel it is effective otherwise. Engaging the client in a such a manner that they feel comfortable taking responsibility for the process, and in understanding the process, can make or break this therapeutic method.


Fact! The majority of diets fail complicating a metabolic disfunction resulting in an increase in weight

Try this triad approach

1. Correct education will enable the likelihood of your success (Read the resources at the bottom of this page)

2. Use a ketogenic approach to eating

3.  Hypnosis

FAT - the old New Truth about healthy eating

Number 1 Cause of Obesity? Watch video


Smile... there is always a way to find balance!

What is UP with the news lately? How to make heads or tails of it? Eat Fat? not sugar.... and Sugar DOES cause obesity, and can lead to diabetes, hypertension, poor immune response, as well as contribute to a host of other diseases "on the rise" since the 1960s. As usual, all the news stories can become a bit heady. Stick to the basics. But what are the basics anymore? (Be sure to click on the orange lettered link above the kewt kitty photo! for a very informative video by Dr Robert Lustig about fat's role in Your Good Health).

And read labels! Another necessity to be healthy??? The trick on us has been exposed. Reading labels is the only way to get ahead of eliminating sugar from your diet. But no worries! Right here in this blog, and in the blogs of many many others sincerely doing our best to get the info in your hands and the healthiest food In your body, the science is revealed. Food manufacturers can rename sugar and even place it lower in the ingredient list by splitting up the types of sugar they added to a food substance to trick your tongue and brain into ...WANTING MORE.

Bottom line: In late 1950s, early 1960s, some research about the impact of eating sugar was brushed under the rug. The sugar industry paid some influential folk to say that fat is the problem-causing substance, not sugar. [ See these links as well as others provided throughout Lifestyle Modification Support : Sugar Lobby Paid Scientists to Blur Sugar's Role... and JAMA's articles ] Then food manufacturers got busy! Changing food into food substances that would be so addictive (as the lab rats revealed) that people just could NOT get enough became as easy as train robberies in the old wild west!

So, if you cannot get enough of that food you are eating, ask yourself, what about this experience is any different than being hooked on drugs, alcohol, or gambling? We do have the chemistry to become an addict. We also have consciousness, if we wake up and decide that: balanced and healthy, life might actually be doable. If we do decide we have at least an obligation to do the best we can do, we can make an effort to use REAL science to return to health. And realise something really sweet.... You have been doing your best. But misleading information has been hand-fed to you. Question authority! Do NOT take my word for it. There is so much information now, there is not far to go to find it. The video that I began this article with, Dr Robert Lustig's third episode on "The Skinny On Obesity" is made for regular people to listen to and understand. And go to your search engine and start looking up things like "Whole Fat" and "The Sugar Problem"...

One more thing, before I go. I cannot reiterate enough that low fat products have LOADS of Sugar in them! Look up the many other names for sugar that can be used on the ingredients lists of foods. STOP eating low fat foods! That is, stop eating them, if your goal is to lose weight and, literally, feel much much better.

Be Well, friends

"Watch the Low-Carb Movie: Cereal Killers"

So, what have I been up to? (I mean besides caring for mum). In that interim, I lost ten, that's right, count 'em, 10! pounds easy as can be. And I am not finished. From late last August to when I started the low carb high fat 'diet' I had only managed to lose ten pounds over ten & 1/2 months...a pound a month is not bad, but it is hardly sustainable. I lost those ten pounds so achingly slow eating a macrobiotic diet of mostly carbohydrates: pasta (gluten-free to be sure), rice (LOTS), beans and legumes, and veggies. Gosh, folks, I was still so sluggish and in pain so frequently that it was really impossible to get much done in a day.

Low Carb High Fat or LCHF... or also known as the ketogenic diet is not new nor a secret. There are plenty of studies to support the benefits of real fat, whole fat. But the concept of relying mostly on whole fats as most of one's diet: to lose weight/obesity; and to prevent, alter, or manage diabetes is at least 100 years old (actually older). To manage inflammatory conditions and also prevent cardiac and cholesterol imbalances, the LowCarbHighFat diet has been used in varying permutations over the years. And prior to bariatric surgery, patients are placed on this diet to get ahead of the massive over-insulin condition of obesity, which can be dangerous to anyone, but is especially so when recovering from the surgery whilst losing weight in crazy fast amounts.

But you don't have to take my word for it!! There are so many sources now to assist one in this diet. The focus is simplifying the concept in order to get more people healthier and happier. That is, if you WANT to be healthier and happier? I recognise that some people really seem more at ease in their dis-ease. So, this information is shared only for those ready for serious change. I will be adding my before and after pics in here and on facebook in a bout a month. Why? heads up, people! - I have dropped two sizes in clothes just since I lost my second ten pounds in 6-8 weeks.

I will be posting links at the bottom of this article, like I always do, of resources and legitimate references. For now, I leave you with this very helpful film. The "Cereal Killers" is one of a series of five very helpful LCHF educational videos on this way of eating and living. All of these are well produced and made for the layman to make easy use of them. Enjoy!

In the meantime, stay Balanced and stay alive!

For more great health related information go to my better half's web page at www.stilljanet.com

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For those of you that are contemplating a weight loss program I would SINCERELY suggest you read the following http://www.stilljanet.com/blog/fat-the-old-new-truth-about-healthy-eating

Pro bono for cancer patients

Pro bono for PTSD

Pain Management          http://www.barryjones.com/blog/


Ego-strengthening; enhancing esteem, self efficacy, and confidence.


Skin disorders

Sleep disorders

Eating disorders

Smoking, addictions
     and habit disorders

Concentration, academic and
     athletic performance.

Age regression, age
     progression, and past life

I have worked with many medical conditions so please do not hesitate to ask!
Hypnotherapy sessions can be in person or via Skype. Downloads of self hypnosis for various therapies can also be purchased from this site.